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28-May-24 04:40 PM EDT

2023 NHL 250K Survivor Hockey Challenge

Contest Rules and Regulations

1. 2023 NHL Survivor Hockey is Open to any resident worldwide except where prohibited by local laws and governance. It is the sole responsibility of the individual who chooses to play 2023 Survivor Hockey, that they meet all the local and international qualifications to participate in this contest. Exceptions to open availability (not allowed to participate) are employees of, Sports Business Interactive LLC, CI Fantasy Sports, Cornerstone International,, and all their assignees, licensees, and members of their immediate families living in the same household.

2. All entries will be accepted until Monday October 30th, 2023 @ 16:00:00 hrs EASTERN standard time in North America. No entries will be accepted beyond this date and time. If you register prior to Monday October 30th, 2023, you will have access to make selections and not automatically be assigned the admin pick for Week ONE / Week TWO/ and WEEK Three of the contest (ADMIN Picks described below). To register with us, we require that you create a unique username and password per profile. Each profile will be required to have a validated email address within our system. An email address may only be used in one profile. It is the sole responsibility of the individual to provide your full contact information in our system following the registration process. This information is not a requirement of registration but is a requirement for prize awards, verification, allocation and the Payment/Payout process.

3. No entry limitation per profile or person. Terminology and Definition pertinent to contest is as follows:

Contest – A contest is defined as a developed game of skill with a selection process and criteria that is specific to a sport or industry. It can contain registration requirements or not. A contest may have a defined number of entries in it or by bracket or an unlimited number of participants. All of this may include individual prize pool, or one combined prize pool.

Bracket – A bracket is a specific group or specified number of active entries that may or may not have its own prizes pool allocated to it. Brackets may be in one contest or in numerous contests. There may be numerous brackets to one contest, each consisting of its own contestants and prize pool or to one amalgamated prize pool.

Profile – This is specific to ONE (1) unique person and consists of a unique username and password and a verifiable email address. A profile may or may not contain full contact information that may include full name, address, city, prov/state, postal/zip code, country, phone number and any and all other relevant information as submitted, requested by our website.

Contestant – A contestant is a profile holder and has chosen to participate in a contest by submitting an entry. A contestant is the entry holder and is attached to a specific profile.

Entry – An entry is a single submission by a Contestant into one of the Brackets of one of our contests. Contestants are allowed unlimited entries into any survivor contest and any bracket they wish to participate in .

4. Contest statistics are accumulated from the start of the NHL Regular Season (Tuesday October 10th, 2023), and will continue to the last day of the NHL Hockey Regular season (April 18th, 2024). Statistics are to be considered final from the day they are recovered, regardless of any subsequent changes made by any other reporting organization. will compile the statistics with or without the assistance of an outside statistical service. The contest statistics are adjusted at the sole discretion of Statistics and rankings will be updated immediately or up to 24 hours post game, and at any subsequent time deemed necessary by All Inquiries on statistics require you to contact There is NO LIVE AGENT or Phone Support for contest related inquiries. ONLY email inquiries will be answered within a 24 to 48 hour period. Statistics may take up to 24 hours to enter the system, but in some instances because of the verification process, we may delay adding these statistics for up to 3 days from the time they have been completed and reported by other sources in the media, and the internet. All statistics will be applied to the date they have been accrued and verified with the NHL.

5. Prizing: Prizes will be awarded at the end of the contest for the Top 10 finishers of each Bracket set up. Ties for any of the entries placing in the Top 10 will be ruled under an aggregate process. The aggregate process states that if any contestant tie(s) for a placing, in any bracket, then the total prizing of all those tied will be added and then divided by the number of tied entries. This then is equally dispersed among the entries that are tied for that spot. For example: 3 entries tie for 4th spot. The 4th, 5th and 6th spots would be totaled and then divided by 3 and this would then be the payout to each of those 3 entries.

$250,000.00 USD – Top 10 paid out Prize Listing.

Total Prize Pool:  $250,000.00 US Dollars**.

Grand Prize:   Sole Survivor 1st         $165,000.00 USD (or 66% of prize pool)

2nd Place:                                            $37,500.00 USD (or 15% of prize pool)

3rd Place:                                             $18,750.00 USD (or 7.5% of prize pool)

4th Place:                                            $12,500.00 USD (or 5% of prize pool)

5th Place:                                            $6,250.00 USD (or 2.5% of prize pool)

6th Place:                                            $3,625.00, USD (or 1.45% of prize pool)

7th Place:                                            $1,875.00 USD (or 0.75% of prize pool)

8th Place:                                            $1,750.00 USD (or 0.7% of prize pool)

9th Place:                                            $1,500.00 USD (or 0.6% of prize pool)

10th Place:                                          $1,250.00 USD (or 0.5% of prize pool)

** If Less than 2400 entries are in a bracket at the time of the registration deadline, the prize payout will alter to 99.75% of the net entry fees accumulated for that bracket. The amounts will then be altered to reflect the same percentages outlined in the TOP 25/10 prize structure listed above.  If 2200 or more entries are registered in the bracket at time of registration deadline the outlined prize awards in the TOP 25/10 will be structured around the $500,000 and $250,000 USD prize payout structure outlined above. Net entry fee is calculated as follows: Online registration fee – Admin Fee ($20.00 USD) – Entry Discount Offers if any (TBD based on registration offers from partners and online ads) = Net Entry Fee. Minimum bracket entries is 200 entries or the bracket is cancelled and all fees are refunded as taken.

Grand Prize Award: In the event of a tie for the Grand Prize at the completion of the contest, the Grand Prize and any subsequent top 10 prizes that would be awarded will be totaled and divided evenly among the tied winners. Each Winner would then have an equal share of the Grand prize and any top 10 prize they would qualify for.

Top 25/10 prize Awards: In the event of a tie for any of the top 10 prizes, please refer to the sequence and explanation of the Grand prize award above. The same procedure will be followed. If the tied list goes beyond the 25/10 contestants awarded a prize, we will include those entries beyond the 10 and include them in the formula for pay out, but no extra prize award will be added to the split total.

Example:  If 5 entries finish tied for 2nd place, each of the 5 would get an equal share of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th spot combined.

All Prize awards are determined by and Cornerstone International F&G. Contestants will be contacted by or Cornerstone International F&G to notify them of their prize award and will arrange disbursement of such prize.

* If Less than 2200 entries are in a bracket at the time of the registration deadline, the prize payout will alter to 99.75% of the net entry fees accumulated for that bracket. The amounts will then be altered to reflect the same percentages outlined in the TOP 25/10 prize structure listed above.  If 2200 or more entries are registered in the bracket at time of registration deadline the outlined prize awards in the TOP 25/10 will be structured around the $500,000 and $250,000 USD prize payout structure outlined above. Net entry fee is calculated as follows: Online registration fee – Admin Fee ($20.00 USD) – Entry Discount Offers if any (TBD based on registration offers from partners and online ads) = Net Entry Fee. Minimum bracket entries is 200 entries or the bracket is cancelled and all fees are refunded as taken.

6. A contestant may win any number of prize positions in a single contest or bracket. A prize will be awarded to each entry that qualifies to win a prize.

7. All prizes must be accepted as awarded, no substitutes. By entering this contest you agree to the use of your name, address, photograph, and contest selections for publicity without compensation. Chances of winning are dependent upon skill used in picking selections and the total number of entries received. Contest Host, organizers, licensee’s, licensers and sponsors are not responsible for any injury incurred by a contestant as a result of winning or participating in the contest. For the purposes of the contest and awarding prizes, it is the sole responsibility of the contestant to inform of any discrepancy with his or her contest selections. There will be no compensation to any contestants for reasons of omission/ errors of, their assignees, and sponsors, and each contestant will be treated in this fashion.

8. If a selection is represented inaccurately, does not play in the season/week or at its scheduled time, or any other reason or circumstance, but that selection remains on the picksheet, it is the sole responsibility of the contestant if they choose to select even though the selection does not meet any conditions represented here, but is represented on the picksheet. No compensation is awarded for any mistakes or mis-representation of league inclusion information on the selection form.

9. The online registration process gives you access via a paid service through our eCommerce partners PayPal or Square. The charge for the online entry is $150.00 USD plus $20.00 USD administration fee for a 250K version. This gives you the access to register and play the contest online. PayPal will accept payments via Credit Card, Debit card (independent of having an account with them), or by using an existing PayPal account to purchase this service. Square will be a credit card transaction service. Please follow the direct purchase or PAY NOW links to make your payments. No FEE required to play this contest…..please see no fee entry process that follows.

10. PICK Selection Process:

Weekly PICK(s) selection – Each week a selection process must be completed by 16:00 hrs Eastern Standard time in North American (Eastern Time) EACH Monday. The week starts on Monday and ends with the Sunday Night games. Games are played on all nights of the week. Online you may make all your selections in advance of any week if you wish, but the current week selection must be completed by 16:00 hrs Eastern Standard Time of the current week you’re responsible to play. Omission of picks will be ruled as declaration of a forfeit pick or Admin Pick. If you have already used the Week ONE, TWO, THREE ADMIN Pick, your entry will be deemed to be in violation and your pick will be considered a loss and dead in the contest. To be considered a survivor to advance on in the next week, the team you pick must win 50% of their games from Monday to Sunday that week. If a team plays 1 game that week, they must win that game for you to advance. If they play THREE games, then your pick (Team) must win 2 of the 3 for you to advance to the next week. And so on and so on.

Selections will be time stamped by the online database and will be active according to that time and these rules. Internet Selections will be reflected in your roster of entries immediately upon confirmation by you. Any interpretation or assigning of time stamp authorization will be under the sole discretion of and Cornerstone International F&G, and can be done with or with out the notification of the contestant(s).

ADMIN PICKS Explained: The FIRST THREE (3) Weeks of the Regular Season can be left blank or you can make a selection of your choice. If your WEEK ONE Selection loses in Week 1, it will not be considered a loss. You will be allocated the WEEK 1 ADMIN Pick. The week 1 ADMIN pick will then not be available for you to use the remainder of the contest. However if you made a selection in Week 1 and your selection WON, then you retain that selection as your pick and the admin pick assigned to everyone else that week, is still a selection you can use in any of the other weeks of the contest. The admin pick is only relevant for WEEKS One through Three of the regular season. There are no bye weeks.

11. The online services are optional and are not a requirement of entry. A computer with internet access is required to use the contest website. The online service centre will grant access to all contestants who have chosen the option to have online convenience.

12. The decisions of the contest organizers will be final on all matters of fact, interpretation, eligibility, procedure, and fulfillment. Sole Survivor reserves the right to change or modify these rules and regulations or any other procedure or application during the course of the contest.

13. All support services will be conducted via the websites.. If there is an answer that can not be addressed via the websites, then please contact the support centre at Please be specific in your question and state your username, email address and entry ID number for assistance in identifying your issue. Our email support service will make every effort to contact you within 24 to 48 hours with a reply or request for further information. In some instances that time frame may be longer, but every effort will be made to respond immediately. There is no telephone support via our offices at Sports Business Interactive LLC or Cornerstone International F&G.

 14. No purchase necessary to enter 250K Brackets. To enter and play without the online services, each entry must follow the following steps to ensure their participation in the contest:

1. You must send your Name, address, phone number and email address with a unique username (must be 20 Characters in length, and unique password (must be at least 10 characters) to: Cornerstone International F&G Attn: NHL Hockey Survivor Challenge 2023, PO Box 70005, 1-1660 Kenaston Blvd, Winnipeg , Manitoba, Canada, R3P 0X6. It is your responsibility to have this information arrive before the registration deadline. Express post service (courier service) is a preferred method for time and date guaranteed delivery. Regular postal service submissions are not guaranteed to meet this timing requirement.

2. Along with your entry information you must submit the correct answer to the following mathematical equation of 2023 plus 86 minus 654 divided by 8 and multiplied by 13. The answer and an outline of how you will meet the weekly selection requirements need to be delivered by the registration deadline. Weekly pick selections must be delivered by 16:00 hrs Eastern Standard Time Monday each week.

3. Each week, you must priority deliver your selection to us at the address above (No Hand delivered entries). Each entry must be in a separate envelope. You must include your username, password and your weekly pick. Each weeks pick must be sent separately and must not arrive more than a week in advance of that week’s selection deadline. Selections must meet the same 16:00 hrs Eastern Standard Time Thursday criteria for delivery each week as is required as part of the online selection process.

To get a status update of your FREE entry, you must send and provide a self addressed stamped envelope with a $5.00 money order to request a report on how your individual entries are doing. Each entry requires a $5.00 money order, and a separate self-addressed stamped envelope to return this report to you.

The final standings will be made available via the website approx. 30 days from completion of the contest for General Public Access., Sports Business interactive LLC and CI Fantasy Sports, and Cornerstone International F&G reserve the right to disqualify any entry that has been incorrectly completed, illegible to transcribe, or does not meet any of the requirements outlined in these rules and regulations. All entries received become the property of This contest is run under the Terms of Service and Privacy statement outlined on our website and are considered accepted and acknowledged as part of your registration and playing any contest with us.

15. By entering this contest you acknowledge acceptance of all contest rules and regulations and agree to be bound by them.

16. Sole Survivor Hockey Challenge 2023 is Owned and Operated by and is an operating entity of Sports Business Interactive LLC., in partnership with CI Fantasy Sports and Cornerstone International F&G.