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13-Jun-24 04:35 AM EDT

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I sign up for a contest? To sign up for a contest with US, you must have a profile created with us or you need to create a profile within our system. This profile will be created for you if you mailed in an entry to one of our Hockey HOSTED Contests (Such as the newspaper contests we administer). To create a NEW Profile in our system, you click the REGISTER link and then fill out the required information. Click Register and there ya go, you are complete. This then will allow you access to enter any contest we offer that you qualify to play in (Regional access may be limited on some of our contests.

2. Profile Creation and Email Address Collection: Each profile will require a valid email address. Each profile will be limited to the number of entries per contest (2 to unlimited) as specified by the Contest. For example: Each profile will be allowed to have 2 entries per contest in the Fantasy Cup Hockey Challenge, but will have unlimited entries into the Survivor Football Challenges. Each email address can be used as many times as you wish for the profile registration process. Each profile will be asked to create a unique username that you will use for your login credentials. This must be unique and is only allowed once in our system. If you choose a username that is currently active in our system, you will be asked to make an alternate choice. We do not offer solutions or suggestions of username. A valid email address may be used for multiple profiles of different people if necessary. We prefer the email address to be specific to each profile.

3. Who is CI Fantasy Sports – CI Fantasy Sports is a website that offers Fantasy Sports contests to the general public worldwide. CI Fantasy Sports is owned and created by Sports Business Interactive LLC of Nevis, West Indies. CI Fantasy Sports is operated by Sports Business Interactive LLC in conjunction with it’s Canadian subsidiary Cornerstone International Festivals and Games. In providing fantasy sports worldwide, we create, manage and maintain all aspects of the contest, privacy, and legislation of the products we offer.

4. Who is Sports Business Interactive LLC. (SBI) – We are a Sports Entertainment company that evolved from a sports and concert production company. In 2001 we moved part of our focus from the production/promotion of sports and concerts entertainment, to Fantasy Sports. We started by providing sports contests for newspaper publications in Canada, and then broadened our reach into consumer contests in the UK, Europe and North America. We continue to operate all aspects of our fantasy sports business, as well as reaching into other genre’s of the industry.

5. How secure is my entry payment? All payments will be processed through a 228 bit encryption through a PayPal Secure Socket Layer website page (SSL), or through our cart credit card processing client Square. Your Credit and debit card information will be encrypted during the transaction, and we do not collect this information or store your credit information for future use. Your payment will be collected by our CI Fantasy Sports or Cornerstone International F&G account. Your Payment information transaction will represent as CI Fantasy Sports or Cornerstone or Cornerstone International, depending on the ecommerce solution you use..

6. How do I register for a newspaper contest for a specific newspaper? Once you have created your profile or log back into a previously made profile, you then will click the appropriate link to register for a contest….say Fantasy Cup Hockey Challenge. Once you have clicked the link that takes you to the current Fantasy Cup Hockey Challenge registration page, you will be asked to select the appropriate HOST (or Newspaper) you wish to register for by using a drop down box. Your choices may be, The Winnipeg Free Press, CI Fantasy Sports, Victoria Times Colonist, etc.  Once you select that choice click continue and you will move onto the other segments of the registration process

7. I MAILED in my ENTRY into the newspaper and now what? Mailed in entries will have access to recover their entries as part of the “Retrieve Entry process” on the login page. Using your name, postal code and the 4 digit/letter password you submitted on your entry form, you will be able to recover your entry or have your entries assigned to previous profiles generated from other contests you have entered with us. All mailed in entries will be processed in a timely manner, and you will have access to recover your entry as soon as the data is in our system. In the case of most contests, we will start to gather this information in the last week of the contest (this is when the Hosts/Newspapers begin to send us these entries). Once the data is recovered it will be verified and added to our online system. The earliest you can expect to access mailed in entries in our system is 7 days following the registration closing date of the contest. For example: Fantasy Cup Hockey Challenge ends October 15, 2023. The earliest you will see mailed in entries in our system is November 09, 2023. Therefore, mailed in entries will not have access to recover their entry information till that date or later. We do our best to match current profiles we have in our system with the mailed in entries we receive…..however this is a not a 100% match guarantee and if you know you mailed in an entry and you do not see it or it has not been added to your profile, please contact our support services and we will assist you to help consolidate all entries and all contact information. Contact: for assistance.

8. Where is the prizing information and who awards these prizes? Each contest is hosted….. Each Host, whether that be CI Fantasy Sports, a Media Company or Corporate entity, will award and post the prizing in their rules and regulations, and on their contest specific website pages. They will award the prizing they state under the terms and conditions of their own organization and it may require residency qualifications. Be sure to check with each host if you qualify for a prize award. For all our Hosted contests for newspapers, each newspaper will post the prize categories and the awards in their newspaper or on their own website. They fully control that notification and award process. If you are playing a CI Fantasy Sports Hosted contest then we will contact you by email on your award in the 14 days following the qualification of your award. We will then process the award and either mail or electronically send that award to you. All our prize award information is listed in the rules and regulations of the contest or on the contest direct web pages.

9. Contest or player stats do not seem to match what I have seen elsewhere? In our process of reporting and collecting stats, we will wait for the verification process of those stats, and this means that we ignore the box score results that many other reporting organizations use. In this format, especially with West Coast Game results and stats, the verified stats will not meet our time frame for daily update. In these cases the stats will be added to the next days stats run, and points allocated based on the night they were earned and not collected. We re-verify all stats for the full year in case stats are re-adjusted , re-allocated, added or deleted during the season. Stats may take 24 to 48 hours to be verified and represent online. If they are not represented within 5 days, please contact our support service and we will investigate.  Contact:

10. What are extra trades? Extra trades are just that…..extra trades that are made available for purchase during the course of a contest. These trades are available to ALL types of entries. Types of entries are: 1. FREE Entries 2. Service Package Entries  3. Paid Entries  4. Comp Entries  and 5. Promotional Entries. Each entry gives the ability of contestant to play in a specified contest as outlined by the particular entry. Each entry then has access to “EXTRA TRADES” as defined by each specific contest and entry. Extra trades are not a requirement to play any of the contests we offer.

11. What are the rules and regulations of the contests you have? Each contest and therefore each Host or newspaper may have their own specific set of rules and regulations. For each contest we run, we will post a rules and regulations section. there you will be able to view a specific contest/host set of rules and regulations or a default rules and regulations for the contest. The registration process requires you to agree to the terms and conditions of the rules and regulations and to be bound by them for the duration of the contest. It is important you read and understand all the rules and regulations and that you are aware of any specific eligibility requirements imposed by the hosts.

12. How will PRIZING be paid? Winners will be paid in each contest within 16 to30 days of the final results of the contest. We take those 16 to 30 days to verify the winners and the winners choice of payment method. Winner payment methods are 1. PayPal payment direct to your PayPal account, or email address. No processing fee’s  2. Direct Money Transfer to your bank account. $50.00 USD processing fee and this fee with be deducted directly from the prize award, so your award will be a net return to you. 3. A cheque or money order payment sent via the mail. $100.00 USD processing fee for all transactions, and the fee will be deducted directly from the prize award…so a net reward is sent.

Have any further questions? email us at:

Last revised: August 2023