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22-Sep-23 03:27 PM EDT

Current Contest Offering.

Registration Starts Saturday Sept 2, 2023 @ 2pm EST.

NFL Survivor Pools – 2023 500K and 250 Brackets available.

How to Play: Pick ONE (1) team each week of the regular season that you feel will WIN or TIE the game they play that week. Pick Correctly, and you advance to the next week. Pick Wrong, and you are out….Simple as that! Make it to the end of the season or be the last Man/Woman standing, and claim your share of the Top 25 or 10 Prize Pools. Sole Survivor (1St Place) wins $330,000.00 USD in the 500K Bracket, and $165,000.00 USD in the 250K Bracket.

Create a PROFILE or LOG into your current profile to Register! Click the logo above to be taken there.

Need more info, contact us for further assistance.