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13-Jun-24 02:54 AM EDT

Fantasy Cup Hockey Challenge

NHL Fantasy Cup Hockey Challenge 2024-25

Proudly brought to you by CI Fantasy Sports

FUN and EASY contest to get involved with. Simply create or log into your Profile and you gain access to all our contests. Once logged in it’s as simple a clicking the registration link to enter and follow the steps to register. Fantasy Cup Hockey Challenge “Online Edition” is a free contest to enter, but the extra services that allow online enhancements to optimize your experience playing our contests.

The concept is that you pick a roster of players from the groups provided. For each player you have chosen to have in each group, you will begin gaining points for each goal and assist they attain in the NHL regular season. When that “PICK” is active in your roster, you will get points for their goals and assists. If the “PICK” is not active in your roster, you do not get their points regardless if you had them active in your roster before or in the future (Trading circumstances). Only when the “PICK” is active in your roster will you gain points for that “PICK”. Points are allocated in this format:

Goal = 2 points

Assist = 1 point

PPG/OT Goal = 3 points

+/- = Tie breaker determination only.

The Slap Shot Service Package Entry: This package allows you to register online and have full online functionality of your entry. You will have full access to daily and TOP 1000 rankings, players stat details, injury reports, and trade functionality online. FULL ONLINE Experience. You will also get 25 initial trades allocated to your service package, with additional trades available for a fee. Service Package Fee is $21.95 for the whole year.

Free Entry Method: To register for FREE, please download the player list document. Pick one player from each of the groups outlined in the players list and send a copy of that document to us with a postage paid self addressed stamped envelope prior to the Mailed in Entry Deadline listed below and in the rules (contestants are solely responsible for the delivered material to arrive at our mailing address prior to the deadline stated, all entries received after this deadline will be null and void. We will then enter your roster of players into our online contest, send you your login and password, and you will have access online to view your roster selections, and see your weekly rankings online. You will also have access to trades, for a fee, but you will not be allocated any pre determined initial trades as outlined in the Slap shot service package. Free entries also do not have access to injury reports, and players stats beyond accumulated stats in their entry of picks.

To mail in your Free entry please send to: CI FCHC Contest, c/o: Free Entry, 70005, RPO Kenaston Blvd, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3P 0X6.

2024-25 Player Listing document. click to get a PDF copy

Key things to be aware of in the 2024-25 Contest is:

1. Online Registration deadline TBD.

2. CI Online Access Fee is $21.95 CAD, but is not a requirement of entry. See Free entry requirements above, but this entry method has limited online access.

3. NHL Regular season Starts TBD.

4. Trading of PICKS within your roster groups will begin TBD.

5. The Holding period for trades is 5 Days. This means that if you trade for a PICK in a group, you must hold that PICK for a period of 5 Days before you can trade in that group again.

6. Rankings begin on TBD.

7. Trades or extra Trades may be purchased starting TBD.

8. There will be over $ 50,000.00 USD in cash and prizes available. $30,000.00 for 1st, $10,000.00 for 2nd, $4,000.00 for 3rd, $2,000.00 for 4th, $1,500.00, $1,000.00 for 5th, $500.00 for 6th, $300.00 for 7th, and $200.00 each for 8th thru 10th. Monthly prizes TBD at the start of the Season.

Trading Rules:

Player trades – Trades made up to and including MIDNIGHT (24:00:00 hrs) Eastern Time will be active for the next days game. All trades made AFTER Midnight (00:00:01) PT will activated for the following days games. For example, Trades made anytime on Monday will be active for a Tuesday game. All traded players will have to be HELD for a period of Five (5) days before another trade in that same group can be made. For example, if a player is traded on Monday, then that player will be active for Tuesday, and you will not be able to perform a trade in that group again until Saturday, at which point your player would be active on Sunday. Once a player has been traded away, he will also be governed under these rules and you will not be able to pick him back up until the Five (5) day period has passed. If you make a trade, and realize you did not want to perform that trade we will not be able to reverse that trade for you. In some circumstances trade reversals will be accommodated upon the discretion of CI Fantasy Sports. Please email , stating your need for a trade reversal. State the group the trade reversal is to be applied to, and we will use the email server time stamp as the indicator for reversal time verification if authorized.

Trades will be time stamped by the online database timer and will be active according to that time and these rules. Internet trades will be reflected in your roster upon completion of the transaction, but in some instances may take 24 or 48 hours to be viewed in your online profile. Any interpretation or assigning of time stamp authorization will be under the sole discretion of CI Fantasy Sports, and can be done with or with out the notification of the contestant.

Now…“GET in the GAME!”

Registration Begins September 23rd, 2024!