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29-May-24 04:22 AM EDT

Fantasy Football

Get….”In the GAME Now”!

NFL Sole Survivor Football 2023. PICK a single team to WIN each week, if they Win you advance (survive). If they LOSE (Eliminated) you’re OUT…’s that simple.  Do this for 18 consecutive weeks and CLAIM yourself the “Sole Survivor”! There is Up to $500,000.00 USD or $250,000.00 USD to be won! $330,000.00 to the Winner of the 500K bracket, and $165,000.00 to the $250K Bracket.

The Ultimate Football Fantasy Challenge 2024. We will launch our new Salary Cap manager version season long contest in August of 2024. You will  manage your team under the salary cap, and gain points in your bracket to qualify in your weekly rankings. Final standings at the end of the year will determine final prizing payouts. Play now….play against family, friends….heck the WOLRD. Get in the Game in 2024!