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13-Jun-24 04:24 AM EDT

Welcome to Sole Survivor Pools (SSP)!

 We currently provide Survivor/Suicide pools for Football based on the regular season of the National Football league, Hockey based on the reqular season of the National Hockey League and Baseball based on the Regular Season of the MLB. If you are not familiar with Survivor or Suicide Pools, we ask you to review the information on the “JOIN POOLS” section of the site. There we will have information on registering, the descriptions of the contests, and links to videos and information you can use to play each and every contest. As for Prizing, we do lean to a higher PRIZE spectrum and traditionally offer Total payouts in the Range of HALF a MILLION USD! So be sure to not pass up on registering now!

So GET in the GAME NOW!

In 2020, we declined to run any contest based on the irregularity and unpredictable nature of COVID-19 and its impact on the NFL, NHL and MLB. So no current 2020 contests running! .

In 2021 we will be merging our game operations with CI Fantasy Sports/ We had planned to offer a 56 Game NHL survivor pool, but with COVID-19 causing scheduling issues, we have CLOSED the hockey contest down in 2021. We will be launching a come back to us 2021 NFL Survivor Pool in the fall of 2021. This contest will run for the FULL NFL regular season of 2021-22. Please check the join pools pages for more information.

This is the game centre location until the merge…..So SIGN UP / LOG into your PROFILE. You Must set up a profile with us before you can register. 


Come back in August 2021 for the NFL Survivor Pool Bracket A!


Registration continues for NHL pickem contests at